Why cryopreservation?

Zebrafish is an important model organism for biomedical research. Secure and cost-efficient back-up for valuable line management is important. Cryogenetics offers client-specific services with the highest level of biosecurity.


Why Cryogenetics?

Cryogenetics has developed an exclusive cryopreservation protocol for zebrafish sperm with a mean fertilisation rate of 75%. This high recovery rate ensures that stocks can be revived at any time. Cryogenetics goal is to assist in generating a standardised breeding program in laboratories globally.

Cryopreserved samples are stored in labelled small volume straws designed and patented by Cryogenetics. By storing samples at Cryogenetics, we will ensure that valuable strains will be permanently backed up when they might otherwise be at risk due to accidental loss, mix-ups, breeding problems, health concerns, and natural disaster.

Cryogenetics, Inc. is located in Brentwood, NH. This specialised laboratory for zebrafish is equipped to receive and maintain live zebrafish from clients. We provide laboratories with easy and cost-effective access to the fish lines that they require for their research and coordinate between different laboratories as well.

Highly trained staff maintain samples at the facility daily. We also provide onsite cryopreservation, IVF, and consultancy services.