We perform research with our clients on factors contributing to the enhancement of the reproduction process for a number of aquatic species. Our projects vary in length and complexity, from single-issue experiments lasting a few weeks to more complex investigations over the span of several years.

We have established and developed a research- and innovation culture targeted towards the preservation of aquatic genes. Our employees are enthusiastic and dedicated to their work, and possess high competence within biotechnology. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate, and all our research is directed towards finding new solutions for our clients. Our unique ability to convert innovative ideas to commercially available products, ensures that our products and services are applicable and easily implemented to cover your needs.

Most of our research is carried out at the head office situated in Hamar, Norway. However, field work is an essential part of the development process and a lot of work is therefore carried out on-site in collaboration with research partners and clients.
A thorough understanding of the entire reproduction process is the key to success in aquaculture. Therefore, we offer to carry out research with our clients, should you have a topic you would like us to investigate.

We have expectional knowledge concerning milt cryopreservation and the fertilisation process of many important aquatic species, but with hundreds of commercially farmed aquatic organisms throughout the world, there are still many more potential species to investigate.

If you have a challenge in your aquatic reproduction strategy or performance, then please get in touch – one call may start the process to improving the efficiency at your facility.

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