Cryogenetics is the leading provider of technology and services to the aquaculture industry, including the fields of genetic preservation and reproduction efficiency. Our clients include some the largest aquaculture producers in the world.

Increase efficiency

We are the world leading provider of cryopreservation services to help aquaculture companies obtain the highest possible utilisation of their fish’s reproduction potential, and a more efficient egg production. Getting maximum benefit from each of your genetically valuable broodstock is a tool that provides both cost savings on the bottom line, and helps create a more desirable fish for your market.
We provide the only industrial scale packaging, the patented SquarePack®

Consultancy - improve the reproduction process

A part of our consulting services include research and development at the request of our clients. We offer a wide range of services to improve your reproduction process and your results, including:

  • storage experiments
  • improvements during the reproduction process
  • audits of current protocols at your facility
  • investigations on egg handling and juvenile treatments
  • quality assessments
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Genetic back-up of endangered aquatic species is a valuable contribution to conservation programs and nature management. Cryogenetics offers tools to optimise the reproduction potential for species of concern.

Cryogenetics - conserving biodiversity

One of our main partner is the Norwegian Environment Agency, formerly the Directorate for Nature Management. The Norwegian government has committed to a comprehensive biodiversity strategy with the aim of conserving the genetic diversity of wild salmonid populations in Norway. Since the start of this effort, broodfish have been collected from a number of rivers in Norway, and were a natural (or man-made) disaster to happen and decimate the wild stocks, individuals are available for re-stocking.

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Zebrafish are an important model organism for biomedical research. Secure and cost-efficient back-up for valuable lines is important. Cryogenetics offers client-specific services with the highest level of biosecurity.

We will make you an IVF expert

Performing IVF on zebrafish may be challenging and requires extensive training and practice. When performing fertilisation with cryopreserved sperm, competence in IVF is essential.  However, mastering IVF can be useful in other situations as well, such as establishing an SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) population in your own lab.

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AquaBoost® OvaCoat for EGGcellent IVF performance

Specially designed for zebrafish (Danio rerio), AquaBoost® OvaCoat is a holding medium for eggs after they are stripped from the female for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) use. Zebrafish eggs are very fragile and egg quality rapidly deteriorates after stripping, often becoming unsuitable for IVF after just 5 minutes.

If you have a challenge in your aquatic reproduction strategy,
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A thorough understanding of the whole reproduction process is the key to success in aquaculture. Therefore, we offer to carry out research for our clients, should you have a topic you would like to investigate.

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