Storage & cryoservice

Storage & Cryo service

Cryogenetics has designed a unique, small volume straw that is suitable for freezing small amount of sperm. The straws are fully sealed, with printed label and colour coded, making tracking of the samples easy

Cryopreservation services at Cryogenetics

The combination of sperm from multiple males ensures that the target allele is preserved safely and reduces the possibility of loss due to male variation. Quality control is also assessed for all lines. When pooling sperm from multiple males, all samples are identical. As a result, quality control can be performed on one test sample and the quality will be representative of all other samples from that line.

Cryogenetics offers secure storage and maintenance of the dewars at any of our laboratories in Norway, USA, Canada, or Chile. Alternatively, you can choose to have the samples stored in one of your own storage tanks on site, or rent one of our dewars for storage on site.

We recommend to cryopreserve 10-20 straws per line, once desired mutation is achieved. This should be done every 2-3 generation.

Cryogenetics can work with you to develop an optimal and sustainble cryo-strategy suited for your needs.

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