Consultancy and R&D activities with Cryogenetics

We perform research with our clients on factors contributing to the enhancement of the reproduction process for a variety of aquatic species. Our projects vary in lenght and complexity, from single issue experiments lasting a few weeks to more complex investigations over the span of several years. We collaborate a lot of our research with world leading research institutions and clients from around the globe.

Throughout many years, Cryogenetics has developed a wide range of cryopreservation and IVF protocols focusing on various aquatic species. Our R&D team is continuously looking into the possibilities to increase the effectiveness, fertilisation rate and survivability of valuable ova after using cryopreserved milt.

Reproduction improvement advisory

Whether it is gonad handling or reproduction process improvement, our team has years of experience in solving internal problems connected to the reproduction process. A part of our consulting services include research and development upon request by our clients.
We offer a wide range of services to not only improve your results, but also make you a real IVF expert.

Milt storage experiments

General improvements of your reproduction process

Audits of current protocols and procedures at your facility

Optimisation of egg handling

Quality assessments

Gonad extraction procedures

Handling of cryopreserved material

Training in fertilisation using cryopreserved milt

Breeding program consulting

In collaboration with our partners, we have established a strong platform for inbreeding analysis and breeding program advisory. Based on whole genome sequencing and SNP-chip development, we can detect broodstock inbreeding on a genetic level. Once done, a specific breeding program is designed to create crossings, which will give you the desired level of genetic variation.

Atlantic Salmon
Brown Trout
sockeye salmon
Brook Trout
Rainbow Trout
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