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Cryogenetics provides state-of-the-art technology, expertise and products to achieve increased fish hatchery output using unique, innovative technologies.

We are continuously working to develop new techniques to make fish reproduction more efficient and effective, which includes performing product development at the request of our clients.
If you have any requests or special requirements regarding reproduction of aquatic species, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Cryogenetics has offices and laboratories in Norway, UK, Chile, Canada and USA:

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Cryopreservation is the process of freezing biological material at extreme temperatures, causing all biological activity to stop, including biochemical reactions that would otherwise lead to cell death and DNA degradation. We have developed cryopreservation protocols for many different aquatic species, assuring the best possible outcomes to preserve desired genes.

With our specially designed laboratories worldwide as well as mobile laboratories, we want to give our clients easier access to our cryopreservation services. Therefore, cryopreservation can either be performed at Cryogenetics’ nearest facility or on-site wherever you are located.

Having cryopreserved material available in practical, efficient packaging can be just as important as the cryopreservation protocol itself. Our patent protected SquarePack® can hold 11 ml of milt and is designed for cryopreserving in large volumes. This drastically facilitates the fertilisation process, while reducing plastic waste. The micro-straw, which is also patent protected by Cryogenetics, is used within research facilites for species such as zebrafish as a more suitable solution for the preservation of desired lines.


Thawing kit

Gonade extraction kit

IVF kit – for Zebrafish 

Photometer kit

Quattro kit

Microscope kit

Microscope Vision kit

Cryogenetics will help provide any equipment needed during the reproduction process upon request.


The AquaBoost® product range is designed to increase the efficiency of aquaculture fish reproduction. The end result is an improved fertilisation rate and increased productivity and profitability in your egg production.

Quality measurements

Fertility potential is evaluated upon receiving the milt at Cryogentics' facilities. This way, milt can be preserved at optimal dilution in order to achieve the best fertilisation possible. During the processing of the milt, each sample is given a unique identifier and logged in Cryogenetics' database, and then tested and scored as follows:


  • Visual
    – milt is examined for extraneous materials.
  • Motility 
    – activity level and continuance is measured.
  • Concentration
    – sperm density is measured.

More advanced quality parameters are available on clients’ requests:

  • IVF control with cryopreserved sperm

Storage and Software

Our facilities are temperature controlled and constantly monitored to provide security to your biological material, and all storage tanks are of the latest design. With abundant access to liquid nitrogen, we assure that the liquid nitrogen within our storage tanks are at the appropriate levels so that you can be assured the biological material within is safeguarded against any power outages or environmental events.

All packages are given unique identification numbers and QR codes, to make sure your gene bank is easily retrieved with our software.

We offer custom design storage and logistic services. 


We are always glad to assist with qualified knowledge to help you get the most of your fish and valuable genetic material.


We offer audits to assess your facility and to make sure your production is efficient and quality-oriented.



We offer training in:

  1. fertilisation with both fresh and cryopreserved milt.
  2. handling of cryopreserved material
  3. extraction of gonads
  4. IVF in zebrafish
  5. egg handling
  6. milt quality assessment


We offer to carry out research related to the reproduction and breeding process of aquatic species.

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