In Vitro Fertilization

Performing IVF on zebrafish may be a challenge for many, at least it will demand some hours of training and many more still practicing. When fertilizing with cryopreserved sperm, competence in IVF is of course a requirement. Mastering IVF can however be useful in several other situations as well, for instance it provides an alternative option for establishing an SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) population in your own lab.

During our work with the zebrafish and its reproduction system, we have experienced the challenges of the traditional IVF procedures. We have taken advantage of our knowledge from other species and developed new products and some new techniques which mean that we can simplify this work. Among these are the development of an egg extender – AquaBoost® OvaCoat. This can be ordered directly from Cryogenetics for use in your laboratory. We have also put together a zebrafish IVF kit, which is a practical collection of equipment (hand-picked by us) that we deem essential to establishing a successful IVF procedure in your own laboratory.

Our wish is to advise and help fish producers – whether it’s salmon producers in aquaculture or zebrafish managers in laboratories – to get the best possible effect from their genetic material. Based on this we offer on-site training courses where you can improve your skills in IVF with fresh sperm and learn how to fertilize with sperm cryopreserved in our “Micro-Straws”.