Genetic Back-up

Zebrafish will become one of the most important and widely used model organisms for medical and biological research. Intensive research programs over many years has led to important breakthroughs resulting in thousands of zebrafish lines becoming carriers of genes that are of priceless value. The importance of having a back-up of these significant lines is therefore in a way quite obvious and also a critical consideration.

By cryopreserving the sperm from the males, you have the opportunity to store valuable genetics and to cross back a line when it is needed. You can be confident that you can have your line restored to you without needing to keep a number of those living fish in your facility. This goes for valuable lines that are in use and for which you wish to have a back-up; lines that will be used later and for historical lines that you want to keep “just in case”. When backing-up at Cryogenetics you can be assured that your lines are safe and that you will have access to them at short notice. We offer and recommend storing the frozen samples at two different locations to further minimize the risk of accidental loss of any kind.

Our new cryopreservation protocol has an average fertilization rate after thawing of >80%. To be confident that you can get your line restored we recommend cryopreserving 20 samples (Micro-Straws) from 10 males.