Cost Reduction

Everything we all do today must run as a part of a business where cost and expenditure need to be justified and savings in certain areas allow us to spend wisely in those fields that we feel are most deserving of the extra financial input. Research is no different in respect to budgets that must be balanced and costs managed or reduced where appropriate as often the funding streams come by way of grants and bursaries that have auditing processes to examine expenditure.

One simple method where you can reduce cost, reduce risk and also future-proof your research is to create a genetic back-up using our advanced methodology for cryopreservation!

Direct cost saving:

  • Frees up existing tank capacity and fish maintenance costs
  • Reduced overheads (e.g. light, power and feed)
  • Reduced maintenance costs of the water treatment systems and engineer call-out
  • Expansion of the facilities will not be required as tank space is utilized for only the current lines being worked upon or the stock lines.

Other cost saving:

  • Frees up some technician time leading to better overall husbandry performance and concentrating on the delivery of services to the PI.

Reducing risk through cryopreservation from:

  • Human error
  • Power outage
  • Pathogens
  • Low fertility performance
  • Environmental factors (fire/flood/earth tremor)


The future-proofing element allows you to return to a point in time where you can recreate your research or to hold a position while other technologies can enhance or forward your work to date. You therefore gain the opportunity to build upon a valuable piece of work and continue your research without the concerns that the point you reached has been “watered down” through subsequent generational intervals.