Cryogenetics’ work in the field of fish reproduction has resulted in the development of several different products, and has led us to progression into the zebrafish field. We wanted to tailor a new cryopreservation concept for those participating in medical research and who depend on zebrafish as their model organism. Our concept makes it possible for you to securely back up your genetic material, while the IPR remains with you as the owner of the material, and the fertilization results after thawing are high and predictable.

World wide lab N2 WoburnEven though the needs of the aquaculture industry are very different from high-tech research laboratories, our qualified staff are able to see the similarities and overlap between these environments and have adapted similar systems based on the same concepts. Both types of client are in possession of valuable fish genes that need to be preserved in a predictable and stable manner that give the best possible outcome in regards to both fertility and cost efficiency. We offer reliable storage solutions that can be implemented on an industrial scale and have the capacity to process hundreds of lines annually.

As a result of several trials and based upon our staff’s experience and knowledge, Cryogenetics has developed a new cryopreservation protocol for the total concept of a gene back-up system for zebrafish lines.