IVF Training Program

There is a perception that it is challenging to perform IVF on zebrafish. Cryogenetics offers products and techniques that proves this wrong.

By attending our IVF training program you can be confident that you will be able to perform successful IVF in your laboratory, both using fresh and cryopreserved sperm.

We will make you an IVF expert!

Cryogenetics offer training programs for IVF on zebrafish on a regular basis at Cryogenetics sites. On this courses you will also learn how to fertilize effectively using our AquaBoost™OvaCoat; used both on fresh and cryopreserved sperm.

For those who order cryopreservation services from Cryogenetics we of course offers a standard introduction and training program for thawing and fertilization with the cryopreserved sperm, making you confident that you will be able to perform the IVF successfully.

Courses will be announced in newsletters and on our webpage.

Here you download our poster describing IVF in the Cryogenetics way (pdf).