Gene Back-up System

Our unique methodology is to produce and store indefinitely, cryopreserved (frozen) sperm as a convenient and safe way to back up valuable fish genetics without having the practical aspects and costs of retaining the actual fish.

After the sperm is extracted and tested, it is prepared in such a way as to maximize the fertilization potential after thawing and then sealed in our unique Micro-Straws. All samples are individually identified with a series of barcodes and identifiers that are linked to the client and the male identification number and all information is then recorded on our web-based Laboratory Information Management System (Core LIMS delivered by CORE Informatics, Inc.).

Once stored in liquid nitrogen, all sample storage dewars are maintained and regularly inspected. The samples will remain undisturbed until such times as the client requests their safe retrieval.

This will provide a fully traceable and quality assured gene back-up system that gives you peace of mind that your work is in safe hands and that future reproduction from your significant lines is secured.