Cryo Storage

The Cryo Storage within each of our facilities is essentiality a secure system of market-leading cryopreservation tanks that are leased to clients for their sole use. The tanks are of varying sizes and we will advise as to the most suitable one to suit your needs today and in the future.

All zebrafish samples are stored in our patent pending Micro-Straws that have a unique barcode. These straws are then grouped as per the clients’ specifications into visotubes which are again identified. The visotubes are located in their own part of the cryopreservation tank, and once more identified. Throughout all of this process every stage is recorded along with each identification mark into our Core LIMS database to allow us to keep a secure inventory and to retrieve samples promptly and efficiently. The inventory applicable to each client will be accessible only to that client through a secure portal.

The system can be likened to a GPS where you can drill down from country to region to town to district to street and then to your exact location – our identification system is just the same within each cryopreservation tank.

Security and peace of mind

All our facilities are secure, our storage tanks are of the latest design, we have bulk liquid nitrogen on site and we check the nitrogen levels in each tank on a daily basis. Should there be a power outage or environmental/weather problem, our cryopreservation systems will maintain the samples for at least 30 days.

All of this gives the peace of mind to the client that their valuable materials are safe!

And one final point, we offer to lease to clients their own cryo storage tank on their own site should they wish that instant level of access or wish to further minimize the risk to their valuable genetic lines.