Without some kind of genetic reserve strategy then quite simply, an important breeding line may disappear. The main reserve strategies have been up until now:

  • A traditional breeding program to ensure that significant genes are passed on to subsequent generations of zebrafish.
  • Cryopreservation of sperm with glass capillaries or cryovials and dry ice.

The first method has several advantages in that you control the numbers of fish readily available and they are present at the time you need. On the other side however is that the fish can succumb to disease, can be misplaced (wrongly identified), inbred or be wiped out due to system failure. With existing cryopreservation techniques, fertilization rates have been low and variable. Sometimes after thaw, there are no viable sperm cells that can be used.

You may have spent many months of work on a particular line and yet still have a high potential to lose your genetic material to many factors out of your control.

This is where Cryogenetics can help. We can advise, plan, perform and maintain a full genetic back-up system on your behalf that will produce great results to meet your future needs as well as minimize your risk.