Cryogenetics offers a totally new concept for gene back-up to the zebrafish community. We have tailored a new concept that achieves the possibility to have a secure back-up of genes, where the IPR remain securely with the owner of the material and the fertilization results after thawing are predictable. This is a “turnkey” solution that is not offered by any other company to this community.

New storage container; the “Micro-Straw”

Cryogenetics is introducing a new and innovative device for storing microscopic volumes of fish sperm to zebrafish laboratories.

As part of developing a new range of industrial tools for high throughput cryopreservation of sperm from smaller fish types like zebrafish, giving typically 1 to 5 microliter per ejaculate, a new device called the “Micro-Straw” has been invented by the Cryogenetics product development team.

Some of the advantages of the «Micro-Straw» are:

  • Can store volumes up to 25 microliter
  • Offers high throughput cryopreservation possibilities
  • Space efficient storage in standard nitrogen tanks
  • Barcoding of each unit to assures traceability and quality procedures
  • Can be sealed for biosecure storage

Patent pending.