There are hundreds of aquatic species that are commercially farmed globally, and to date we have gained competence in sperm cryopreservation and fertilization of a few, but important fish species. There are still many more species to target for improvement of their reproduction performance in an artificial environment. This applies to segments of the aquaculture industry, gonvernmental or other bodies interested in the preservation of endangered species, and researchers working with fish as a model organism to bring medical science forward.

Cryogenetics is focused on each client’s needs and goals. The “secret” behind the success by using our products and services is that it achieves standardized routines and predictable fertilization results. For each new species and setup we encounter, we need to work in close collaboration with the specific client to assess which parts of the process needs the necessary adjustments to streamline and standardize the reproduction potential. It is important that there is an intial two-way transfer of knowledge and understanding between the client and ourselves. Only then can we come up with a solution tailored to each set of conditions that will result in real benefits regarding cost, production time and output.

Cryogenetics’ personnel are always glad to assist our clients with qualified knowledge to help them get the most from their fish and valuable genetic material.