Concentration & Quality Measurement

Cryogenetics delivers systems for measuring sperm concentration and quality parameters of fish sperm

Our SDM6 Photometer is calibrated for accurate measurement of fish sperm concentration

The large variation in sperm concentration between males and ejaculates is well documented. This leads to reduced fertilization efficiency and lost production potential.

Knowing the sperm concentration in each ejaculate enables the user to optimize the sperm to egg ratio and to maximize the number of fertilized eggs produced. We have for several years used photometers to measure sperm concentration and have solid, evidence-based know-how in this field for multiple fish species. We use our own calibration curves, created by using a cell counter and based on up to hundred specimens from each species.

Quick photometric measurement

Quick photometric measurement

Through our cooperation with Minitüb GmbH, Cryogenetics is able to offer the SDM6 Photometer for precise measurement of sperm concentration. The SDM6 Photometer has several advantages:

  • Rapid measurement of sperm concentration – less than 1 minute per sample
  • Integrated printer for recording data
  • Low cost for analysis – less than 0.2 Euro (30 cents) each
  • Robust instrument requiring little to no maintenance

When sperm concentration is known before fertilization, a medium is needed to dilute the original ejaculate in order to obtain a standardized sperm to egg ratio. When the amount of milt required to fertilize a batch of eggs is reduced, a dilutor will add volume making it easier to distribute the sperms cells to cover all of the eggs before activation.

We have developed the AquaBoost® series of products to facilitate these needs.

The precise measurement of sperm concentration in an SDM6 Photometer provides you with consistently reliable calculations for the amount of AquaBoost® Dilutor or AquaBoost® Extender needed to maximize the fertilization potential