Lowest Impact Solution

We are used to seeing signs that suggest when walking in the wilderness or the countryside you should leave nothing but footprints and taking away nothing but memories. We in Cryogenetics agree with that and will always seek the lowest impact solution to any conservation challenge.

Often, when a species is threatened, it is already part of a fragile eco-system with perhaps many species carefully balanced so that should one start to fail, the impact on many others could be quite severe.

When starting such a program of work with a conservation body, we will carry out or utilize an existing environmental assessment and then an assessment of the species. In our experience each species and each location for that species will demonstrate different levels in fertility in species and fertilization capacity.

What we therefore do is treat each case, species or location as unique and creating a tailor-made solution each and every time. In fragile environments we may apply sperm-pooling to reduce possibility of in-breeding but still maintaining a strict biosecurity practice of “bringing nothing in”.