Genetic Stability

The danger of decline

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Declining populations in any species can be a real concern. Once certain thresholds have been reached, it can be very difficult to bring a species back from the brink of extinction. A population can collapse without warning, making conservation efforts futile once this happens.

In Cryogenetics we first study the whole reproduction mechanism and strategy of the wild species and try to utilize this to our advantage. We then, based on the number of mature individuals available, and with the aid of genetic information, select a multiplication strategy through the application of selective breeding. With the aid of our unique technologies and products, we will then maximize the number of eggs produced from the best suited or most favored breeding candidates. All sperm is evaluated and disease tested, and if needed, cryopreserved.

We can then boost numbers of offspring produced by utilizing in-house technology and products, either by supplying cryopreserved sperm at the optimal breeding time for the female (or even use it for out-of-season production), as well as acquiring fresh sperm from other individuals (provided this has been screened and does not breach biosecurity requirements) and applying this through our fertility protocols.