Cryopreservation of milt

Cryopreservation is the storage for reuse at some later date, of genetic materials, at very low temperatures to stop decay in the materials and maintain them in a stable condition. With larger biomass situations, such as in aquaculture there can be a larger selection of males to choose from, to select the quality of sperm that will provide the optimal breeding solution. In endangered species you frequently will not have that luxury in either numbers of males available on in the quality of the sperm available.

Given this situation, we must get our processes correct 100% of the time whether this is in use and extending the lifespan of fresh milt or sperm, to activation where you need that whole explosion of life to happen at exactly the right time, to the cryopreservation and future thawing process where everything must kept at the exact temperature for exactly the right period of time.

Depending upon the species and the cryopreservation protocol that we will apply, we will dilute the sperm and seal it in either straws or SquarePacks®, then approve them for storage into liquid nitrogen.