Cryo Storage

Storage of milt or sperm will normally be provided at each of our facilities as essentially a secure gene bank where milt can be deposited or withdrawn at short notice and only upon instruction from the client. In special cases and with certain endangered or rare species the client may wish the gene bank to be set up in their region or country. We will be happy to accommodate their needs, and also provide all the expertise to instruct them how to maintain a successful gene bank.

As with all the fields and species with which we work we will always try and find the best solution to meet the needs of the client, and this is the same with our client-specific storage. We have different sizes of storage tank to enable us to provide each client with a tailor made cost effective service.

All our facilities are secure; our storage tanks are of the latest design, we have bulk liquid nitrogen on site and we check the nitrogen levels in each tank on a daily basis. Should there be a power outage or environmental/weather problem, our cryopreservation systems will maintain the milt or sperm for at least 30 days.

Each SquarePack® and straw is given an identification number that will detail the client, the fish and the sample and then the location of each sample in the storage tank is recorded. In this way single samples can be retrieved promptly and without error.

All of this gives the peace of mind to the client that their valuable materials are safe!