Concentration & Quality Measurement

We always prefer to a have some laboratory in which to test the sample of milt. This is not always possible in the field and we have had to develop some robust techniques to overcome this as well be able to create a make-shift lab almost anywhere.

With the SDM6 Photometer you can measure the sperm concentration “at the river bank”

The SDM6 Photometer runs precise measurement of sperm concentration, and has several advantages:
•Rapid measurement of sperm concentration – less than 1 minute per sample
•Integrated printer for recording data
•Low cost for analyzed samples – less than 0.2 Euro each
• Robust instrument requiring little maintenance

As sperm concentration data is analyzed, a medium is needed to dilute the original ejaculate in order to obtain a standardized sperm to egg ratio. When the volume required to fertilize a batch of eggs is reduced, a dilutor will add volume making it easier to distribute the sperms cells to cover all of the eggs before activation.

Cryogenetics has developed the AquaBoost™ series of products to facilitate these needs.

The precise measurement of sperm concentration in an SDM6 Photometer provides you with consistently reliable calculations for the amount of AquaBoost™ Dilutor or AquaBoost™ Extender needed to maximize the fertilization potential.

Quality measurement at Cryogenetics

In Cryogenetics we are always looking to measure the efficacy of the sperm and be able to give it a fertility score to offer it a potential reproductive value. In this way, we can maximize the fertility potential of the milt were it decided to be used today, or tomorrow, or even preserved milt at optimal dilution to achieve the best fertilization possible at some time in the future.

On receipt of the milt, each sample and each male is given a unique identifier and logged on the database. The samples are checked:

  • Visually for color and appearance as well as contamination
  • Under a microscope for motility
  • Through our SDM6 Photometer for concentration
  • A final dilution check for consistency prior to the freezing process