We in Cryogenetics are very keen to work with agencies responsible for aquatic conservation as not only will this allow us to refine our competence but also to allow the development of solutions that can be applied in other areas in the world and hopefully prevent further species from moving toward extinction.

Part of our innovation strategy is to take on board the clients’ reproduction needs, and to make them the most effective that they can be. We then look for ways, based upon our experience, to industrialize the reproduction processes – to make them more efficient with the associated cost benefits such a stream-lined procedure would enjoy and develop further products and solutions during that journey as required. Finally, we are left with one of our core competencies which is the backing-up of significant genes through cryopreservation. This last part may sound easy but each species requires its own freezing curve to be developed as well as the cryopreservant and the protocol for freezing/thawing timing and temperature – there may even be the need to manufacture a unique container in which to preserve then sperm. Each challenge will be met and overcome with full agreement of the client and in the most logical and effective way to protect the species of concern.

Cryogenetics will work with its clients to find the most effective solutions to their conservation program challenges – please contact us and see where we can help.