Nina Hårdnes Tremoen reaches a new milestone by completing her doctorate thesis

On the picture: Inger Grevle, Anne-Lene Eriksen, Valentina Krivenjeva, Nina Hårdnes Tremoen, Line Cecilie Grøneng, Eli Sætersmoen, Artur Zolotarev, Steffen Wolla

JUNE 11th 2018

We at Cryogenetics are very proud of our employee Nina Hårdnes Tremoen, who very recently defended her PhD thesis for the “Identification of sperm parameters and gene variants influencing boar fertility”. In her research, Nina investigated different elements to the breeding potential of individual male Boars to predict their fertility.

In many animal breeding companies, a simple microscopic analysis of the motility of the sperm has been the sole indicator for the fertilisation success in many species. However, Nina has introduced several other parameters to assess the sperm quality efficiently, such as looking at ATP levels, motility pattern and DNA integrity. This project was a cooperation between Norsvin SA, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and Nina achieved great knowledge and experience with many techniques and methodologies for an effective sperm analysis. This is also relevant to us at Cryogenetics, as her knowledge will contribute to further research and understanding of the reproductive process within aquaculture, and how we can improve our ways to assess the quality of fish milt.

Eli Sætersmoen, CEO at Cryogenetics is very proud to have Nina as a part of the company’s research and development team. While defending her PhD thesis, there was a quick realisation that Nina, with her strong academic competence within this area, has a lot to offer.

Everyone at Cryogenetics are very excited for what the future has in hold for the further development for a more green and sustainable aquaculture with Nina on our team.

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