Cryogenetics new launch: Cryo Lab for SQUAREPACK®

For the first time it is now possible to have access to Cryogenetics patented solutions for cryopreservation of fish milt in our SquarePack® at your facility. SquarePack® is the only efficient storage unit for large-scale fertilization in Aquaculture.


Each hatchery has their special needs and set-up. With our Cryo-Lab for SquarePack® concept you get access to equipment and technology, as well as our fertilization process expertise and operational capability. Through developing a Cryo Strategy, Cryogenetics helps you implementing cryopreservation in the best way to suit your egg production and breeding program. We design a tailor-made concept according to your facility’s specific needs.

Cryo-Lab for SquarePack® includes everything you need for:

  • Quality control
    Photometer for sperm concentration measurement, and microscope for motility and quality control.
  • Dilution and filling
    The milt is diluted with AquaBoost® freezing media to a standardized sperm concentration, and filled in the patented SquarePack®. Each SquarePack® will fertilize the same standardized number of eggs.
  • Cryopreservation
    All equipment needed for performing the cryopreservation is included in the concept.
  • Storage
    Our storage system makes it easy to identify and retrieve samples.
  • Software for production and inventory management 
  • Fertilization
    A predictable, simple and reliable fertilization process is one of the key parts in fish reproduction. SquarePack® and Cryogenetics’ methods are the best solutions for large scale fertilization with frozen milt.
  • Consumables
    All consumables needed for performing the above processes are included in Cryo-Lab for SquarePack®
  • Access to our unique know-how and procedures for best practice


Maybe the overall most important part of Cryogenetics Cryo-Lab for SquarePack® is access to our competence and experience in the field of cryopreservation and fish reproduction. The concept includes a license for ensuring updated methods within the cryopreservation area. We make a tailored concept according to your facility’s specific needs. Based on your preference we will either run the whole process for you, or train your personnel to perform it. Yearly review and updates is included in the concept. This way our clients can have peace of mind knowing they have access to the most advanced solutions for cryopreservation and efficient egg production.


Cryogenetics offers a range of flexible alternatives for a predictable egg production to our clients

  • Cryo-Lab for SquarePack®
    • Operated by Cryogenetics’ qualified personnel
    • Operated by clients’ personnel, trained by Cryogenetics
  • Cryopreservation at Cryogenetics facilities in Norway, Chile, USA or Canada
  • Cryopreservation at client-site performed by Cryogenetics using clients’ equipment

Contact us to get the best solution for your specific needs:
Eli Sætersmoen (CEO), Ragnhild Bleken Rud (Head of Global Sales), Katarina Nordtun Ruud (Group Marketing Manager)