New product – AquaBoost® Quattro for testing fertilization after 48 hours

Cryogenetics are proud to present their new product; AquaBoost® Quattro. AquaBoost® Quattro is a product that makes it possible to test the fertilization results of salmon eggs, approx. 48 hours after fertilization has taken place. The product has already been installed in some of the largest egg production units in Norway and they report that they are very satisfied using AquaBoost® Quattro.
AquaBoost® Quattro comes in a kit together with a microscope, dishes and other equipment for easy egg counting.
Being able to test your fertilization result, as early as after 48 hours offers savings in valuable time, space and costs. It will be visible from a very early stage how the results from each batch will turn out.
You do not need many eggs to perform the test. We suggest setting aside approx. 100 eggs from each egg batch after fertilization. This will be more than enough to predict the fertilization result.
For more information and ordering, please contact you nearest Cryogenetics representative.


Inoculation needle and counting dish

Photo: Dish and “needle” for easy counting of eggs