Protocol for handling milt from lumpsucker

Cryogenetics AS has contributed to a research project on lumpsucker broodstock management funded by FHF (The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund). As part of the project, the Norwegian research institute Nofima utilized Cryogenetics’ technology and products to develop a protocol for efficient extraction and storage of milt from lumpfish.

Sea lice is an increasing problem for the aquaculture industry, and there is increased interest in using cleanerfish to fight the sea lice. However, it has become clear that there is a lack of methods and technology for handling broodstock and reproduction of cleanerfish in captivity.

As part of the project, Nofima used Cryogenetics’ products for optimizing the reproductive potential of lumpsucker, or lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus). Sperm concentration was determined using the SDM6 photometer and AquaBoost® products were used for gonad extraction and storage of milt. Gonad-extracted milt consistently gave >90% fertilization and could be used for up to 14 days after extraction with no significant reduction in fertility.

The protocol from Nofima can be downloaded from FHF (The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund) here. (In Norwegian).

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