New report of effective use of Cryogenetics products

Quick photometric measurement

Huntsman Marine Science Centre has run a study where they have extensively used Cryogenetics products to quantify sperm density in a sample of Saint John River strain Atlantic salmon and to dilute, extend, and activate the milt. They have recorded in total, 916 readings of sperm density from 426 individual males. The results from the trial show a clear example on how the use of these products can optimize the beneficial effect of the volume milt available.

The study has been performed within the National Research Council Canada IRAP Member Network Contribution Agreement No: 828713. Cryogenetics’ products; AquaBoost™ Dilutor, AquaBoost™ Extender and AquaBoost™ Activator, were used in the study in combination with the SDM6 Photometer.

The conclusion of their report : “From our results, there is some variability in photometer reading, but this often does not affect the calculations made using the AquaBoost Dilutor or AquaBoost Extender Excel worksheets. In addition, any variability did not appear to affect the fertilization rates in the Dilutor and Extender experiments. 

Use of a photometer allows companies to retain a reduced number of males by allowing fertilization ofthousands more eggs with milt stripped from a single male. Use of the extender allows for a reduction in repeated stripping of the same desirable male(s) by allowing milt to be retained for a minimum of 16 days post-stripping based on our documented fertilization results. Progeny were not assessed post fertilization.

The whole report can be read here (pdf).