Cryogenetics technologies have now been successfully applied to cleanerfish

Lumfish. Photo: Cryogenetics

Lumpsucker. Photo: Cryogenetics


Today, Cryogenetics helps to streamline the egg production of several species, among them, global salmon egg producers. It can be seen that our products and technologies that are currently used in industrial salmon egg production can also be very useful in the production of lumpsucker.

An efficient utilization of the good genetic material will be a key factor for the successful breeding of lumpsucker, to improve biosecurity and simultaneously meet the demands from the salmon industry as well as meeting environmental concerns surrounding current sea lice treatment methodologies.

On this basis, Cryogenetics developed and adapted the following products and services to apply to  lumpsucker and wrasse:

  • Use of the SDM6 photometer to measure the sperm concentration in the milt. Based on this information, the most efficient utilization of the milt from each male can be calculated and so maximize potential juvenile production.
  •  Our AquaBoost™products:
    • AquaBoost™Extender – to store fresh milt for up to 10 days
    • AquaBoost™SpermCoat – to optimize the use of sperm extracted from the gonads. This is a method that is very suitable for the  lumpsucker, since this is a fish that is more challenging to strip traditionally than for instance the salmon.
  •  Cryopreservation of milt for secure storage of valuable genetic material, as well as to ensure off-season egg production. By cryopreserving the milt you have the possibility for fertilization of eggs regardless of access to sexually mature and spawning males


When Cryogenetics develops new products we, work in cooperation with our clients, make sure that the service we offer fulfills what our clients needs and expects. This is exactly our approach with our work with cleanerfish and in addition we have worked together with Nofima in connection with a project directed by The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF).

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