AquaBoost™ SpermCoat delivers quality fish consistently

Cryogenetics launched AquaBoost™ SpermCoat for extraction of sperm from gonads to the market in 2014. This increases the reproductive potential of your male broodstock tenfold. AquaBoost™ SpermCoat has been tested by the largest producers of Atlantic salmon in Norway and Canada, and has in full-scale production runs delivered repeatable performance of fertilizing a million salmon eggs per male with > 95% fertilization rate.

This is impressive, but what are the key benefits?

  • You will have spent many years and generations breeding and selecting the perfect table fish that has good growth and survivability, looks pristine and most importantly, tastes excellent. So why not repeat that success a million times?
  • Broodstock units have finite capacity. Free up more space by reducing the numbers of males required and optimize your tanks for more of your best females.
  • Broodstock are an expensive commodity to produce. Reducing numbers and therefore cost will always add to the bottom line.
  • Males have a limited amount of sperm available by conventional stripping during the spawning season, leaving you with an unpredictable outcome.
  • Hardly a month goes by without a new article being written that aquaculture will play a significant role in providing the world’s expanding population with affordable high quality protein - AquaBoost™ SpermCoat is the tool that will make this happen and help you deliver!

AquaBoost™ SpermCoat helps you achieve reproduction consistency

    The good news is that by using Cryogenetics technology, the challenge of reproduction consistency can be overcome. We have developed AquaBoost™ SpermCoat which, when applied to gonad extraction techniques will give a higher milt yield and maximise the reproduction potential of male from the broodstock population. In full-scale production runs, AquaBoost™ SpermCoat has delivered a repeatable performance of fertilizing a million salmon eggs from one male with over a 95% fertilization rate.

    So the next time a large retailer asks you whether you can deliver your product to their specification every day of the week; by utilising AquaBoost™ SpermCoat as part of your reproduction strategy, you can say, “of course we can” in the full knowledge that in your market place, there will be many satisfied customers.

For more details and ordering, please contact your nearest Cryogenetics representative.