Cryogenetics expands their services to zebrafish laboratories


To be a better partner and ease access for zebrafish laboratories, Cryogenetics is expanding their products and services.


Three logistics possibilities

Currently our clients send their mature zebrafish to Cryogenetics in Woburn to have their valuable lines cryopreserved. To better serve client needs Cryogenetics is expanding its service range with the following options:

  • Cryogenetics specialists conducting cryo-services at your local lab worldwide
  • Cryogenetics team members or individual lab technicians collecting zebrafish sperm for overnight transport to Woburn, MA
  • Sending your mature zebrafish males to Cryogenetics in Woburn, MA


New product: IVF kit – “all in one box” for successful IVF    

To perform a successful IVF has been challenging for many lab personnel. To make it easier for staff members to successfully perform IVF, Cryogenetics can supply a complete IVF kit to zebrafish labs.

This kit has all the components and protocols necessary to perform IVF with fresh or frozen sperm samples, including AquaBoost™OvaCoat, our product for coating eggs to keep them viable for up to 30 minutes. This allows enough time to collect multiple clutches of eggs, prepare sperm samples and perform controlled IVF.


“Cryogenetics wants to make you an IVF-expert!”


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