Milt from one salmon male has the capacity to fertilize up to 1 million eggs

Cryopreserved gonad-extracted milt from one mature salmon male can be used to fertilize up to 1 million eggs




New AquaBoost™ product

Cryogenetics has developed AquaBoost™ SpermCoat for diluting milt removed during gonad extraction, and this integrates with and compliments the other products in the AquaBoost™ range for improving the fertilization potential of aquatic species.  SpermCoat is used for dilution and storage of gonad extracted milt for fresh use in the hatchery as well acting as a robust transportation media for shipment to Cryogenetics for cryopreservation.

Maximize the potential output from each male

Cryogenetics has taken total gonad extraction to a new level to give the highest possible fertilization output from each male. By using gonad extraction in combination with  AquaBoost™ SpermCoat it is possible to fertilize up to 1 million eggs per male.

To achieve these results, the removed gonads must be of good quality before being homogenized in a gonad grinder, diluted in AquaBoost™ SpermCoat and then stored refrigerated in cell culture flasks for short-time storage within the hatchery, or transported onwards to cryopreservation and secure storage at a Cryogenetics facility.

8 males – 25,000 tonnes of annual harvest

Having established the premise that one male salmon in prime reproductive condition can fertilize 1 million healthy eggs, we can demonstrate that for annual harvest biomass generation of 25,000 tonnes, this can be achieved from as few as 8 males.

5 million fish of 5kg average weight will deliver a harvest volume of 25,000 tonnes. Healthy gonads from each mature male, when treated with AquaBoost™ SpermCoat, will be capable of fertilizing 1 million eggs. Taking an arbitrary, and conservative, 62.5% survival from egg to harvest, it can be seen that 8 males would be sufficient for that production scenario. This can be scaled up or down, to suit individual production regimes and previous biological performance.

The product is tested for Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout, and Cryogenetics is further testing the use of AquaBoost™ SpermCoat also on other salmonids.

For more information please contact Managing Director Jorn Ulheim  or Global Sales Manager Ragnhild Bleken Rud.