Maximize the male fertilization effect




New technology reduces the number of sperm needed for fertilization

Cryogenetics AS has conducted studies and field trials showing that the potential reproductive capacity of male broodfish is currently not being utilized. Data from the industry, show that most Atlantic salmon egg producers spend on average 4.5 million sperm cells per fertilized egg produced. The application of new technology makes a reduction of this number to 1.5 million sperm cells per egg possible. This significantly reduces the number of males needed for each production season.

The introduction of the SDM6 photometer (for measuring milt density), combined with the use of AquaBoost™ Dilutor makes such improvements possible.


Cost effective

Genomic based tests, combined with the increased cost of holding broodstock and land-based egg production are some of the driving forces behind the need to utilize genes from the best males more effectively.

At maturation, each Atlantic Salmon male is carrying a reservoir of on average 650 billion sperm cells. The aim of Cryogenetics is to offer tools to utilize this potential to the full by fertilizing as many eggs as possible.

More than 50% of the world’s biggest Atlantic Salmon egg producers have already implemented all, or parts of this new technology.


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