Successful zebrafish trials



Cryogenetics has performed successful trials with a new cryopreservation protocol for zebrafish sperm. The results show 80% fertilization rate.

Cryogenetics Inc.

Cryogenetics Inc. has opened their specialized cryopreservation laboratory north of Boston in Woburn, Massachusetts. From this laboratory Cryogenetics will offer cryopreservation services and products related to fish reproduction in zebrafish laboratories, the aquaculture industry and nature conservation programs in the USA.

Cryopreservation of zebrafish sperm

Cryogenetics has developed a new protocol for cryopreservation of zebrafish sperm, including a new patented device for secure and effective storage.

Recent trials performed in USA showed an average fertilization rate of 80 %.

This new service will be offered to zebrafish laboratories worldwide. From the laboratory in Massachusetts, Cryogenetics will cryopreserve sperm from zebrafish and perform tests to assure quality control. Frozen samples will be secured in two locations for storage and sent back to the client upon request. Cryogenetics keeps a high level of biosecurity and each client will have individual tanks for storage. Ownership of the material will always be retained by the client.

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