New service for gender testing of salmon and trout


Together with Center for Aquaculture Technologies in San Diego, Cryogenetics is introducing a gender test for salmon and trout. The test can be applied based on tissue samples from very small fish.

The gender test gives several advantages

By using this new gender test the egg producers may decide male or female selection at an earlier stage, and by this saving production costs. The ratios of males / females being reared in holding facilities may be optimized by screening early developmental stage hatchery populations. For all-female lines the test will differentiate XY males from masculinized XX males.

The test is DNA based and will be performed at small tissue samples like fin-clips.

Assay details

  • Diagnostic accuracy rate > 99 %
  • 1000’s of samples successfully screened to date
  • Non-lethal sampling protocols
  • More than 500 samples screened per week

For more information please contact Cryogenetics by Jørn Ulheim or Ragnhild Bleken Rud.