Founding of World Fish Reproduction Center

Cryogenetics AS takes the initiative to establish World Fish Reproduction Center in Hamar, Norway.

A decisive factor to develop highly effective aquaculture production systems is the ability to conduct effective reproduction and through this create the basis for scaling up numbers of the desired genes. As effectiveness in current and future farmed species becomes focused, the importance of the reproduction area will increase.

 The World Fish Reproduction Center aims to become the leading center for initiating development of fish reproduction technologies. Focus areas will be:

  • Fish milt quality
  • Fish embryo quality
  • Cryopreservation technologies
  • Microscopic based technologies
  • Genetic analyses tools focused on reproduction
  • Various fertilization tools and solid understanding of basic reproduction in fish
  • Technology transfer from animal and human sector
  • Focus on multiple fish species

The center will be organized by matching leading international academic institutions together with aquaculture companies and technology providers to ensure focus and capacity to make necessary progress.

For more information contact:

Jorn Ulheim
Managing Director in Cryogenetics AS

Tel: +47 95 72 32 93