Entrance of three new shareholders in Cryogenetics


As part of a long term strategy to introduce new and innovative products and services related to fish reproduction, Cryogenetics has facilitated an increase in the company’s capital base through the entrance of Investinor AS and Utstillingsplassen Eiendom group as new shareholders in the company.

The new capital base is important for Cryogenetics’ possibility to continue to develop and adapt new technologies based in fish reproduction. In addition the company also has an ambition to set up new laboratories at selected sites in North America, Europe and Asia. The outcome of this should be better products and services for stakeholders in aquaculture and fish conservation.

Investinor AS


Investinor manages NOK 3.7 billion (mEuro 460) under a mandate from the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget). Investinor is one of the major venture investment companies in Norway, both in terms of manpower and capital under management. At the end of 2011, 30% of the capital invested into the Norwegian Venture market was invested by Investinor.

The Utstillingsplassen Eiendom group


With base in Hamar, Norway, the Utstillingsplassen Eiendom group has been a driving force in developing the local and national real estate market. With its partners the group has an ambition to develop demanded facilities for the biotech cluster located in Hamar.

Geno SA


Geno SA will still remain the majority shareholder in Cryogenetics . The ongoing support of technologies and services will continue.