Predictable Production

The broodstock hatcheries aim to be as effective and efficient as possible. We understand that planning for customer requirements is very important to reduce waste and maximize earning potential. Part of that planning process is to estimate and predict the breeding success of your broodstock and as we know, predicting the fertility outcome of farmed animals is never easy. Cryogenetics has developed highly accurate techniques to measure the sperm concentration of the milt/sperm, and by this optimize the sperm to egg ratio giving a predictability planning tool. These techniques can be used with fresh milt for this year’s production or just prior to cryopreserving milt/sperm establishing its fertility potential for each and every male and therefore obtain high, stable and predictable fertility rates for a huge improvement for your next production management planning.

Cryogenetics has established cryopreservation protocols that offer the same predictability for cryopreserved milt as that of fresh milt in Atlantic Salmon, Trout, Chinook and Coho Salmon. For salmonids, our discussions with the industry reveals that the common opinion is that stable fertility rates in the range of +85% eyed eggs are considered to be a successful production. We regularly better these results for our clients.

Working closely with our clients, we are confident that we will be able to offer this assurance for all the species in which we will be engaged.

Higher egg production

Cryopreservation eliminates the problem with males and females becoming mature out of synchronization and makes it possible for an easier planning process. Males are stripped whenever the time is optimal, and the milt preserved until the correct females and the right batches of eggs become available. Making milt production independent of egg availability and creates the possibility of 100% utilization of both eggs and milt; very difficult to achieve by traditional methods. This will increase your production of fertilized eggs from any given stock and from any site.