Higher Yielding stock

A breeding program based on cryopreserved milt has the potential to reduce the breeding cycle by one year; in other words, a 25% improvement. For Atlantic salmon that means introducing the next generations every three years compared to the current four years, and most importantly without losing genetic variation.

Adds to the bottom line

We are all looking to make the process more cost-efficient and by reducing the generational interval with no loss of genetic strength within the breeding program, will add value as well as savings to the production output. Reducing the time interval between these trait improvements will add an extra 25 per cent selection strength to your program.

Cross class fertilization

Cryopreservation has virtually unlimited storage capacity and practicality of use in terms of creating fertilization potential in multiple generations and for trying varied trait selections. This lets you expand and improve the genetic base of your program by the transfer of genetic material between year classes and reducing the timeframe of the breeding cycle.

Eggs available when they are needed

It has long been a challenge to deliver eggs to the customer when the farmers would ideally like them. Year round production of the highest quality eggs is accomplished by only a few in the industry and for egg producers, both early eggs and late eggs attract a premium that are extremely important to farmers to improve their production by:

  • Maximizing the output from the farm through staggered input
  • Gain growth with the fish at optimal times
  • Reduce impact of seasonal environmental challenges
  • First fish to market at the optimal size for the best price

With cryotechnology you can strip milt from top individuals at any time that they are ready, without having the complication of synchronizing the event to the female spawning window, and without use of hormones. It is often found that female brood fish are ready to spawn weeks earlier than the males, and if you can get to fertilize these early eggs that have been stripped in a natural cycle, then you will have a product that is in high demand.

High and stable fertilization rate

The Cryogenetics preservation program achieves good commercially acceptable fertilization rates (>90% in Atlantic salmon, Chinook and Coho salmon) and which is fully comparable to fresh milt.