Enhanced Biosecurity

Cryopreserved milt reduces the risk of importing or transferring disease. We store the milt in straws or SquarePacks®, and each has full traceability with a completely documented inventory given to the client. Full traceability allows for individual selection at the clients’ request of males that will be used for later fertilization. Also the documented system provides for easy sampling and health screening on frozen milt if health assessment should be required.

Reducing the time pressure

If you choose to use the security of Cryo Storage for your milt, the time pressure on your production is greatly eased as there is no critical window or deadline for when to use it – next month, next year, next decade – you are in control.  This gives both you and the authorities’ ample time to evaluate health risks and perform any screening that is necessary.

Milt export

Cryopreservation not only makes you independent of time but also the locality for milt production and again for fertilization. If or when needed, you can import milt from your other operations or from other regions or even countries*. There are no restrictions in distribution time, meaning for instance that European or North-American milt can be applied on natural female cycles in Chile.

*As the animal and aquatic health status in individual countries is subject to change, local government veterinary advice should be sought before shipping biological materials across borders.