Cost Reductions

Cost pressures exist on all areas of fish and egg production. At one end of the production cycle, you cannot properly evaluate your earnings potential until spawning season commences, and at the other end of the cycle, fish are sold on the market as any other commodity and are subject to frequent price fluctuations. Combined with increasing costs of feed and energy and other overheads mean savings you may achieve with no reduction in product quality will be important.

Here are some ways in which cryopreservation of milt can improve your bottom line through reducing the cost of production.

Land based broodstock units

You can reduce the investment needed for land based breeding sites by 10–20% by stocking fewer male fish, and relying on cryopreserved milt to fulfill part of your production. Alternatively you can increase egg production by 10–20% in any existing broodstock unit by utilizing the surplus capacity by stocking more female fish.

By choosing to implement a cryopreservation strategy, milt is readily available at the optimal time to suit your production requirements. You can stock the units with the desired number of females at the beginning of the season based upon the number of eggs you need. Then you can restock tanks with males as females are stripped and removed. The result is therefore fewer tanks and associated energy costs and reduced downtime from streamlining your capacity. In this way you run the site with fewer tanks and utilize former unproductive periods to produce milt for cryopreservation and supply the current and coming seasons.

An optimized sperm to egg ratio

By recording sperm concentration and evaluating quality of each stripping, Cryogenetics’ tools can estimate the dilution required to gain the best utilization of your available sperm and standardize your fertilization procedures. This process optimization can be carried out on both fresh milt and milt destined for cryopreservation; thee end result is that fewer males are required to be brought to maturity.

One key advantage of milt cryopreservation is that the milt is already diluted at the time of freezing to a standardized potential at the time of thaw and fertilization. The use of cryopreserved milt can be implemented in your production workflow quickly and easily with no additional time pressure and marginal cost.

Getting the most from your best genes

Cryopreservation and secure storage of genes will give you a far better utilization of milt from the top genetically selected males. Being able to spread the top male genes more efficiently, has the potential to improve quality and production traits throughout your breeding population, which in turn translates directly into a better product and an improved bottom line.