Cryo Storage

Welcome to our bank

The Cryo Storage in each of our facilities is essentiality a secure bank where milt can be deposited or withdrawn at short notice and only upon instruction from the client; and like a bank, your “account” information is strictly confidential.

Your milt are preserved in client-specific storage tanks (sometimes called “dewars”). We have different sizes of storage tank to enable us to provide each client with a tailor made cost effective service.

When you deposit money in the bank you would like to see it grow and gain a little interest by having it work for you. We do the same for you with milt; we extend its potential and the “interest” you receive is the higher egg to sperm ratio, saving you both time and money with fertilization.


All our facilities are secure, our storage tanks are of the latest design, we have bulk liquid nitrogen on site and we check the nitrogen levels in each tank on a daily basis. Should there be a power outage or environmental/weather problem, our cryopreservation systems will maintain the milt for at least 30 days.

Each SquarePack® and straw is given an identification number that will detail the client, the fish and the sample and then the location of each sample in the storage tank is recorded. In this way single samples can be retrieved promptly and without error.

All of this gives the peace of mind to the client that their valuable materials are safe!

And one final point, we offer to rent to clients their own cryo storage tank on their own site should they wish that instant level of access or wish to split the risk with their valuable genetic lines.

Some useful numbers (in terms of salmon)

1 x 47 liter Cryo Storage tank contains 120 SquarePack®  – enough to fertilize 480,000 eggs

1 x 500 liter Cryo Storage tank contains 2,500  SquarePack® – enough to fertilize 10 million eggs