There are hundreds of aquatic species that are commercially farmed globally and to date we have gained the competence in cryopreservation and fertilization in a few, but important fish types. There are still many more species to work upon and improve the reproduction performance for that segment of the aquaculture industry.

Cryogenetics is client-focused and believes that to make the step changes that are required to improve the overall production performance of aquatic species, then the development of competence has to grow within the client and ourselves at the same time. In this way we are best equipped to bring an improvement on an industrial scale into the production arena that has real benefits in cost, time and output with full measurement potential.

One example of this is that we have started working with a new client on shellfish reproduction. This is not our traditional business, it is challenging but we believe we will provide a satisfactory result that can be offered to others in that field.

If you have a challenge in your aquatic reproduction strategy or performance then please get in contact – one call may start the process to improving your performance.