AquaBoost® range

AquaBoost range logo_transparent_300pxTake control of reproduction!

The AquaBoost® product range is designed to increase the efficiency of aquaculture fish reproduction. The end result is an improved fertilization rate and increased productivity and profitability in your egg production. The AquaBoost® products are developed for fertilization with both fresh and cryopreserved sperm. All products are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMP) by our partner Minitüb GmbH.

AquaBoost® Dilutor

AquaBoost® Dilutor is a non-activating fish milt dilutor recommended for fertilization with fresh milt. In combination with sperm concentration measurements from a SDM6 photometer, dilution permits standardization of the number of sperm used for each fertilization. An optimal sperm-to-egg ratio is essential to ensure maximum utilization of each male. In addition, by creating a larger liquid volume, a good mixing and even distribution of milt and eggs is ensured before the sperm is activated.  


AquaBoost® Activator is a sperm-activating solution recommended for fertilization with either fresh or cryopreserved milt. Sperm from most fish species have a very short motile period (in salmonids this can be as short as 30 seconds). It is therefore important to be in control of when activation occurs during the fertilization process to get the best possible result. AquaBoost® Activator ensures optimal activation of the sperm cells, and is always recommended when fertilizing with cryopreserved milt.

AquaBoost® Extender

AquaBoost® Extender is a holding solution for storage of fresh milt for up to 14 days before fertilization. It is a non-activating solution designed for optimum storing conditions, and also contains antibiotics to prevent bacterial growth during storage. For best results, extended milt must be stored in specialized containers with a large surface-to-volume ratio to ensure oxygenation of the sperm cells. AquaBoost® Extender is typically used in a scenario when there is a shortage of eggs while milt is available.

AquaBoost® SpermCoat

AquaBoost® SpermCoat is a solution intended for extraction of milt from gonads. It is a non-activating solution that primarily is used to maximize the fertilization potential of each male. AquaBoost® SpermCoat can be combined with cryopreservation or used for fertilization directly. Sperm extracted with AquaBoost® SpermCoat can be stored in storage flasks, shipped and used for fertilization or cryopreservation for more than 24 hours after extraction. Conservative estimates suggest that with this method an estimated 1 million eggs can be fertilized using cryopreserved sperm from just one Atlantic salmon male.

AquaBoost® Quattro

AquaBoost® Quattro is a quick and easy fertilization test for salmonids. The analysis can be run as early as 100-200 hour-degress (hour x degrees) after fertilization. It only require a small amount of eggs (approx. 100) and the analysis takes not more than 5 minutes to perform. AquaBoost® Quattro is sold in kits together with a stereomicroscope and equipment for easy counting.